Internal competitions

This page contains information about the Society's internal competitions only.
Documents relating to external competitions will appear on the News page.
Results for all competitions can be found on the Results page.

Members' Print Competition

Ken Doney Competition (digital)

Ken Doney was a past-President of SPS who died a several years ago. He was instrumental in setting up and running a digital group which helped many of the Society's members get to grips with digital processing. The competition for a very distinctive trophy was set up as a tribute to him. Participants provide six digital images on a theme of their choice. These go into a knockout competition where sets of images go against each other in pairs with the losing set eliminated. The audience is the sole judge and decides the winner of each bout by a show of hands until eventually a winner emerges.

Match a Picture Competition (digital)

This is a light-hearted competition run each year near Christmas. Members are requested to submit unusual, distinctive or downright weird images digital images in advance of the competition. Teams of three are given time to select 20 images from their pool before the competition starts. Team one starts by putting up an image which the other two teams endeavour to match from their selection in whatever way they can. The justifications get sillier as the evening progresses but it's all good clean fun.