Liz Pickering - Up and Over! Colin New - Fog in Halong Bay Jonathan Elliott - Blackrock Cottage Glencoe Herbert Housley - Tom Alcock, Blade Grinder, Sykes Works, Moore Street Janet Thorpe - Under Wraps Richard Hall - Leopard, Serengeti
Richard Hall - Olive Baboons, Tanzania Judy Smith - Meadowhall Hearts : Meadowhall, Hearts, 29 September 2015 Judy Smith - Wolf in the Grizzly - Wolf Discovery Centre, Yellowstone : Yellowstone National Park, January 2016, Canon 7D Mk2, Card 1 Judy Smith - Frozen Grasses, Yellowstone NP Alan Phillips - Sharrow Snuff Mill in Snow Anne Turner - Master of the House
Tony Morris - Concentration Mike Smith - Steerforth Steve Dorey -  Chesil Bank Terry Irons - The Chapel, Tyntesfield House Chris Perry - Barn Owl In Flight Over Grass Meadow Pat Rutter - It's Raining : 2nd lot of doncaster races
Pat Rutter - Welcome Home Peter Matthews - Leaping into the Lead (Doncaster Motocross Park) Rebecca Nex - Summer Portrait Rebecca Nex - The Frosted Greenhouse