This document is a follow up, to our discussion on actions at a previous digital group meeting.

To fully understand actions I recommend downloading the following articles and tutorials, available on the internet.


The mother (and father) of all action tutorials(and probably the best) is by Danny Raphael and is available at

Be warned it’s a long download for dial up users(well over 200 pages long) but its comprehensive and very informative. Well worth the effort in the long run.

Other less lengthy tutorials are

There are 6 pages, so click on the next button at the bottom of the page.


Download sites for actions. There are too many to mention all of them.

Some good ones that are continually updated are :-

Also do a google search “Photoshop Actions”.

When downloading  actions, I have created a special folder on my hard drive for testing. I then transfer the good ones to the photoshop/presets/photoshop actions folder.

The file path is:- x:/program files/adobe/photoshop z/presets/photoshop actions

Where x=drive and z=version


Photoshop Elements Users


As you know actions created for the full version cannot be run in Elements. However all is not lost, you can run actions specially created for elements, or when you become proficient adapt them. See the following web sites for interfaces to run actions. The instructions should be in the download file.


For Snapactions


I have talked before about the Hidden Elements Tools and an action installer is also provided.

look on the tools/free tools page.


To recap, actions are a very powerful tool in your Photoshop workflow.

They should help improve your overall productivity.


Cheers, Terry